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Why You Should Consider Shower Columns and Shower Panels When Remodeling Your Home

It’s no secret that your home can be your largest investment, and in some situations, it’s much wiser to upgrade your older home than to try and sell it and move to a new home. Take the money you have set aside for a newer home and transform some things in your old home to make it feel new again! A very popular room for remodeling is the bathroom, because we all spend a lot of time there each day, bathing, grooming, and otherwise taking hygienic care of ourselves. New bathroom showers can really transform an old bathroom and make it “POP!” when we need to re-invent and remodel.

Oftentimes, older homes have older bath fixtures, so it’s an important part of the remodeling process to upgrade those old pieces. An old grimy shower with rust does not exude luxury, and if we take the time to really examine our bathrooms, we could probably find many things that need to be replaced.

Even if you don’t want to replace the entire shower, you can replace just the shower  enclosure or shower column to upgrade your wash room. After tackling that old shower and getting a shiny new luxurious one, you might want to think about the other bathroom furniture. Is it time to replace that old bathroom vanity or add a linen cabinet? Whatever changes you make, just make sure you look at bathroom showers that will work with your existing furniture, or the kind of furniture you would like to put in there.

The bathroom is a great room to remodel, because not only will you enjoy the upgrades while you are living there, but you will see the reward of a well thought out bathroom makeover when you sell your home and you can add thousands of extra dollars to your selling price for the improved bathroom(s).

It’s amazing how a new shower can really transform your home, and add that luxury  to your everyday life. And even if you choose to not upgrade the entire shower, you can always go with a sparkling new shower enclosure or indulge in a new shower column to upgrade your  bathroom.  Either way, your bathroom will become a very popular room in your home after these improvements.

You can find many manufactures who produce various types of styles that can fit your bathroom design ideas. We personally recommend ANZZI shower panels for their decoratively diverse assortment of bathroom products. Although if you are on a tight budget, really any type of panel can be chosen to spruce up even the humblest shower cubicle. Homeowners can choose bamboo to create a natural look or stainless steel for a more clinical look. Here is a showcase of shower panels you can look at to get an idea of what it would look like in your bathroom. Whatever the layout of the bathroom, the shower panel can draw the eye and help tie in design with décor. Why not choose the black acrylic to match the bracket on the shower screen, or perhaps brass for a more “old world” look.

Shower Panel Features

A good shower panel is more than simply a showerhead. Cleverly crafted toiletry baskets connect in with the development of the panel, making over-the-shower toiletry racks outdated. Inlaid  mirrors generate a perspective of depth. However, topical ointment aesthetics have little or nothing over the sensible features. Palm sprays for up close and therapeutic massage work, or for use in a curtained spot, baths are essential. What used to be little much better than a watering can spout by the end of a hose pipe has improved into an artistically satisfying little bit of hardware that will come in a number of measures and designs?

Showerheads offer rainfall rather than blasting squirt, rinsing your body with a softly continual blast of soft droplets as opposed to the tough pounding of a typical shower head. Design offers a number of measures of shower-heads to raised suit a variety of human composition as well as adjustments for rates of speed and massage. The belle of the ball, though, is your body jet squirt. Placed at intervals over the panel, these plane sprays can make a bathtub a meeting that nobody wishes to leave. Most aircraft sprays feature massage therapy mind that swivel for best keeping the water.

Panel Technology

What walk-in bathtub is complete with no latest technology? Perhaps you should take a bathtub in a device so advanced a -panel can control the heat range of the drinking water? You don’t have to  ever before step into a frigid bathtub again in a bathtub with water heat that is preset and will not fluctuate.

For the discerning bather who’s thinking about a far more space-age way, some sections come prepared with LED lamps surrounding the shower-head and plane sprays that flip from blue to red as this particular heats up, finishing the dreaded cold-morning question of set up bathtub is warm enough where to climb.


There appears to be no reason to stay for a normal old shower-head and spigot whenever a state-of-the-art shower panel can make for a restorative shower, but can help create a nice, calming environment as well.